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The Agileometer

Updated: Jun 8

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Is agile or waterfall is best for your project?

The Agile-o-meter was first popularised as part of PRINCE 2 Agile in 2015. And if that already makes you wince, there really is no saving you! I have (as you would expect by now) developed my own version of the questions to ensure you get a more precise answer; in a Google Form. As you will see later, I have also developed a more granular set of recommendations/results.

Please note you will have to add up your own total for now (as Google Forms is somewhat limited in that regard and I am yet to find a better alternative). But anyway, let's get started, shall we?

Fill out the Agileometer form to get your score

Interpreting the Results

As you will see above, I am only recommending a firm Agile Result for scores of 20-25 inclusive and a firm Waterfall Result for scores of 5-10 inclusive. For the majority of the likely outcomes in the middle (11-19 inclusive), I am actually proposing a Tri-Modal method; i.e. Waterfall to the end of design, then Agile for delivery.

> Check out my article on Agile vs Waterfall for further context 

>  If you'd find a little case study helpful, check out "the mayor of Kingston Town"

>  My post on tri-modal SDLC helps explain how and why you can use it on your project

Final Thoughts

Good luck with your efforts. And remember, a questionnaire like this is only part of the story. You will need to use your own judgement, as ever. Where you have scored one of the questions low, please do think about what further actions you could take to improve the score. For example, would clarification of agile methods & tools help? Perhaps with some training for the team? Or the addition of an Agile Coach?

© David Viney 2023. Licensed for re-use with attribution under CC BY 4.0

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